March 14, 2019

When it came to the fashion on display during show season, towards the end of last year, many designers opted to continue pushing the memo 'you do you.'

That being said, a few threads did begin to emerge. So if you're keen understand which fashion trends are likely to stay big in 2019, we've got a whole feature on it.

Giant, oversized bags are no longer the preserve of his enormous raffia totes, as we saw big bags clutched in the nook of models' arms.

Teeny bags with interesting handles are also sticking around though. So we can almost guarantee that within these bag trends for 2019, there will be something that suits your personal style down to the ground.

As we've mentioned, enormous tote bags are here to make carrying your entire make-up bag and several changes of clothes super easy in 2019.

But other than just being super huge, these bags come with a new styling mandate. Namely, that handles are passé and the new de rigueur is the crook of the arm clutch.Not so much a new trend, as much as a renaissance of what was once an absolute classic.

Traditional crossbody bags be gone, for the latest crop of possession-holders are replete with experimental handles.From harness-style, front-worn bags to bags that look more like a gun-holster, the bags of the coming season prove carrying your possessions by a single strap is seemingly out-moded.

The ring handle bag has been around for a little while, with all manner of summer straw bags now coming with a wooden circular appendage.

However, this season, we're seeing them get even more pretty and decorative. It's your going out-out look that now requires a ring handle.