Best beach bags: Canvas, straw and tote bags to transport you into summer

February 18, 2019

Hit the beach in style with these summer bags that will keep your belongings safe and clean.

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably in need of a new beach bag to lug around your essentials in style, whether you plan to head abroad to sunnier climes or pray for another heatwave in good ol’ Blighty. The best beach bags will be strong and durable, spacious enough to comfortably fit your towels, flip flops and a whole host of other gear – and, let’s not forget, stylish.

The last of those may be a less practical concern, but it’s no less important if you plan to use your beach bag for an entire season. Of course, there are plenty of bags that get this balance wrong, swinging too far in favour of aesthetics over function, but the best beach bags combine the two to ensure you don’t have to replace your bag because it a) breaks or b) goes out of fashion.

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best beach bags on the market right now, providing sufficient room for everything you need for a stress-free day by the sea.

How to choose the best beach bag for you

What material is the best choice?

Straw or mesh bags are great but tend to leave contents open to the elements, and canvas and cotton bags are lightweight and strong while also being good at keeping sand and other nasties out. If you know you’ll be walking long distances, consider one with reinforced or cushioned straps, and a top zipper is a bonus. If you’re keen on taking a tablet to the beach with you, choose a bag with extra compartments for an added layer of protection.

What features should I look out for?

A beach bag isn’t a pool bag – it probably doesn’t need to be completely waterproof. Nevertheless, it still needs to offer adequate protection for your belongings. If you plan to use your bag for more than carrying suncream, dry towels and snacks, you should choose one with multiple compartments, so you don’t have to worry about your wet swimsuit interacting with your valuables. Speaking of valuables, look for an added pocket to store your tech securely, keeping such items away from sand and water.