The Best Travel Tote Bags

May 16, 2019

When you’re traveling from place to place, having one of the best travel tote bags to store important things like your laptop, passport, and wallet can make the difference between a stressful trip and a relaxed one.

When choosing the right travel tote for you, there are three essential features to consider:

Durability: Make sure to pick a tote that’s made from heavy-duty, hardwearing materials. Fabrics such as nylon and Oxford cloth will provide your bag with a strong and tear-resistant construction without weighing it down. You may also want to consider a bag that’s waterproof or water-repellent.

Security: Many bags offer advanced anti-theft features to ensure your valuables remain safe. At the least, you should be able to close your bag completely with a zipper or other closure system. You may also want to opt for a bag with anti-slash material and hidden pockets. One bag on this list even boasts RFID-blocking technology, which can prevent a pickpocket with an RFID-reader from electronically stealing important personal information, like your passport or credit card numbers.

Size: The standard carry-on size limit for most airlines is around 22 by 14 by 9 inches. The totes selected here all fit those restrictions, and additionally, should even fit under the seat on an airplane.

What's Great About It: This affordable travel tote bag features a ton of great features, but at a price that's very gentle on your wallet. This bag is made from a waterproof Oxford fabric that's tear-resistant and capable of holding more than 110 pounds. It's also foldable and can easily fit into another suitcase when not in use. Like the bag, this tote also features a back opening so that you can slip the bag over the handle of your suitcase and transport it easily throughout your trip.

The Trade-offs: The most important thing to note is that the back opening of the bag is only 7.5 inches wide, so if you have a suitcase handle that's wider than that, it won't fit. Also, a few reviewers found the material to be easily wrinkled and occasionally see-through.